Status & Outputs

What does tinker mean?

Verb: to make small changes to something, especially in an attempt to repair or improve it

Noun: especially in the past, a person who travelled from place to place, repairing pans or other metal containers

(Cambridge Dictionary)

Impression of a Tinker by Franz Feyerabend 1790,
Credits: Kevin Carter

project progress

How far have we gone?

The project was officially launched in November 2022 with a duration of 26 months (until December 2024).

The circle depicts our monthly progress


November 2023 (M13)



The expected outputs of TINK@School will be gradually added in this list as the project evolves. Join our mailing list to be updated when a new output is uploaded.


A2.5 Tinkering Training for Partners

The three day long training was convened during the first months of the project, in order for all partners to feel competend with tinkering. Read more.


Project Leaflet

Find the project two-page leaflet in Dutch, English, Icelandic, Italian, and Greek language (PDF file).


A3.1 Methodology toolkit

A toolkit for developing Tinkering activities with a focus on sustainability has been prepared. This aims to support teachers of both sides (either tinkers, or sustainability teachers) find meaningful links betwen these two. Access the toolkit in the following languages: English, Greek, & Italian