Read bellow how our colleague Ólafur from Iceland, applied the tinkering mentality to solve a practical problem in his surroundings:

Upon returning from Milan I went up north to attend to a little eider colony we have there. Once the birds leave their nests, we collect the down which needs cleaning and drying. For that we use a long table-ish think, with a net instead of solid surface. It is best kept in the open when weather permits, but needs to be put into a shelter overnight and when it is raining. Since it is rather long, it took two persons to move it. So, I decided it would be good to tinker a little and find a way to make it moveable by one person. So, I began looking around for some wheels. In a pile of trash, I spotted old wheelbarrows and there I had my cue. You can see the result in the attached picture.

Thanks Olafur for sharing with us your tinkering adventures!