The 3rd partners meeting combined with an intensive Peer-to-Peer Training seminar on the upcoming tinkering Toolbox was hosted by MIO-ECSDE in Athens, between 6 & 8 February 2024.

During the meeting the partners presented and tried out the activities each of them had developed during the previous months. These highly engaging tinkering sessions generated a series of useful comments, and based on this feedback the partners will finalize their activities that will be included in the upcoming Toolkit.

During the TPM the partners discussed also other pending aspects regarding the project management, namely:

  • Finalisation of the Toolkit in English language and translation to the partners’ languages
  • Drafting and Finalisation of a Teachers’ Guide (initially in English)
  • Upcoming National Events and teacher trainings for the Toolbox and Guide
  • Final Conference to be held in Iceland
  • Evaluation, assessment and reporting issues
  • Communication and dissemination activities
  • Next steps, ideas for follow up projects

A highlight visit

During the Athens meeting, a team of students of the 1st Highschool of Athens visited us and shared their experience during piloting the “Old toys, new toys” Activity (run by MIO, Nov-Dec 2023).

Students had much to say, describing their tinkering hands-on sessions, also laughing and smiling a lot. The students were eager to talk about their work and could describe how they had developed their projects in pairs using rich language and detail. It was very illuminating and motivating for the group to see the students get so excited about sharing their work.

Workshops on tinkering

During the Athens’ meeting all activities that will be included in the Toolbox have been thoroughly presented, and some of them were tried out by the partners through dedicated Tinkering Workshops. Apart from the partners, two teachers from Italy have travelled to Athens to participate in the peer-training workshop sessions (IC Ilaria Alpi). Moreover, two Greek teachers from an Associated school (1st PM of Chalandri) joined us during these experiential tinkering sessions.

The activities that were presented or experienced in a hands-on manner in Athens are the following:

  • Tinker a bird scarer (bArtolomeo)
  • Tinker with solar panels (bArtolomeo)
  • Tinker a rain collector (bArtolomeo)
  • Upcycling old toys (MIO / MEdIES)
  • Shadow-Art with trash (MIO / MEdIES)
  • Balancing sculpture (HI)
  • Sustainable Stop Motion (HI)
  • Tinker a sustainable calendar (CRES)
  • Save the planet bag (CRES)
  • Tinker a kinetic sign (NEMO)
  • Tinker sustainable decoration (NEMO)

Excited to have tinkered with all the project partners and the attending teachers  and looking forward to the activities’ completion in the upcoming Toolkit. Find below some photos and short videos from the tinkering workshops. 

Tinker a bird-scarer

Bird-scarer with solar panels

Save the planet bag