The 2nd Partners Meeting was kindly organised by Bartolomeo Association in Milano, between 6 and 7 June 2023. During the meeting the Partners had the opportunity to discuss the progress achieved and the next steps in the project.

More specifically, all partners presented the outcomes of the national research and mapping. They also gave an overview of their envisaged activities to be included in the Tinkering & Sustainability Toolkit, which is under development (each Partner is about to develop two activities). Feedback was given by the officers of NEMO -the most experienced partner in tinkering- and all other Partners. Actually, NEMO held a series of one-to-one sessions during the previous month in order to mentor the Partners in the authoring process

Moreover, in Milano the TINK@School team has devoted time for prototyping and peer exchanging three activities for the upcoming Toolkit, namely:

  • Shadow Art from a Beach Clean-Up, by MIO-ECSDE (Read more)
  • A solar powered scare crow, by Bartolomeo and the CONFAO School
  • A sustainability calendar by CRES

The next steps in the project concern the finalization and translation of the Tinkering Methodology Kit, and the prototyping and authoring of the envisaged activities.

Next in-person meeting will take place Athens, in January 2024.